Bringing your home plans to life, in a new and scalable way.

Bridging the gap between builders and home buyers.

Unlock the hidden value of your plans

Digitise and streamline processes within your business. From expediting the time to home selection, to encouraging upsell, to gleaning invaluable insights from customer analytics... And more.

Reimagine Communication

Give home buyers the opportunity to create their ideal home, browsing each and every one of your base home plans, and every possible inclusion, to explore what’s possible and help them narrow their preferences.

Create customisable 3D homes, easily

Easily transform existing home plan files or architectural drawings into 3D scenes that buyers can walk through. Not only that, but the buyer can swap out features, fixtures, fittings and more to create the home of their dreams.

Paving the way to better communication. It's time to see.

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Real products, real homes. One platform for all.

Every home design with all possible floor plan configurations will be available in multiple formats. Customers can style their homes using real products. We will showcase the imagery and videos via our website, across advertising and within our retail centres.

Top 10 Australian Builder


Situ Systems is offering a concept that is quite unlike anything on the market at the moment. Not only is the visualisation tool flexible, engaging and user friendly – it is a platform, bringing together all
visualisation and communication features into one place for all to use.

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Why is Situ right for builders?

Conversion of CAD/IFC files into interactive 3D Situ home files within minutes. Completely digitise your customer journey, leveraging your home plan files. Show all of the configurations of your house plans to prospective buyers in real-time, giving them confidence in their choices.

Once your home plan is a Situ file –it can be viewed and interacted with across all Situ programs and tools. Panoramas on your website, ‘walk throughs’ in full 3D, Virtual Reality, renders… And more. It all stems from the Situ home file.

Enable live interaction with your home plans down to appliance and structural changes in SituHOME v2 and v3. Empower your customers to feel truly connected to their selected home plan, encouraging excellent product and home choices, as well as a confidence in your brand.

Experience any scene in a variety of formats. Create 8K renders, immerse your customers in VR with a headset, or generate panoramas for your web page. Produce all your desired marketing collateral from a single home plan in Situ.

Gain access to insights and analytics that showcase customer’s choices, engagement and home selections at an anonymised individual level as well as macro aggregated trends.

With all homes and product listed in SituHOME v2, it will rapidly become the go-to destination for consumers wishing to improve their existing home or build new. To attract this traffic, create a completely branded ‘white labeled’ interface within the platform, with all your exclusive home plans, design concepts, upgrades, offers and more.

Vivid graphics.
Endless variation.
Record breaking speed.

Create an engaging journey for your customers. Give your customers the power to pave their own path within the world of your home plans, product selections or design ideas.

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