Brilliant 3D homes
in less than
60 seconds

Situ is transforming every home, every product, and every material within it into high quality 3D.


Drive more value from home files and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
"Situ will enable us to visualise every home design with all possible configurations where customers can style their homes using real products."
Jarrod Sanfilippo
Managing Director

Leverage your Home Plan Files

Rapidly convert IFC to interactive 3D files and display all homes, in all configurations, at any time.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Empower customers to
self-select and visualise 

Increase Efficiency

Equip customers with a digital twin of their home to view and update in their own time.


Empower customers to see any product in context of 3D home plans.
“Situ Systems is offering a concept that is quite unlike anything on the market at the moment. We will also be gaining a lot of customer engagement time, as users enjoy designing their home in the platform for hours at a time."
Jim Segredos-Seima
Jim Segredos
Managing Director

Hyper-Realistic Products

Showcase your entire product range in 3D when customers are in planning mode.

Limitless Digital Showroom

Enable customers to see every possible configuration and understand every benefit.

Sales Process Streamlined

Fast-track selection and purchasing process.

Analytics & Admin

In the backend, your products will have rich, insightful data analytics into product views, interactions and customer engagement.
Click Home
“Data insights to help drive decisions, entice buyers, determine key interests and aspects of buyers."
Aaron Savory-Click Home
Aaron Savory

Analyse Engagement

View a variety of analytics, revealing your consumer behaviour, clicks, hovers, viewing time and more.

Everything In-House

Enjoy a user-friendly dashboard for maintaining and accessing vital settings and information about your product. 

Integrate Situ to Workflows

Keep product prices current or receive various analytic information directly into your local ERP system. 

Secure Your Listing

Situ will list members on a first-come, first-serve basis to provide a neutral product search function for homebuyers. Joining early means you’ll benefit from increased visibility on the platform.

Save with Early-Bird Pricing

Early adopters benefit from reduced pricing and establishment fees. 

Your Products in Real-Time, Interactive 3D

By joining now, we can start modelling your products to ensure your entire range is ready for our full general access launch. 

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