Beautiful 3D Homes in Under a Minute


Beautiful display homes configured for each individual customer enquiry in one minute.


Empower builders to display and upgrade your products for selection in their 3D display homes.

Complete builders' display homes

With situ, builders are now displaying each customers homes including all of their final product and texture selections.

assist partner builders' sales

Limitless digital catalogue enables every product in every model, size, colour, and configuration to be displayed.

sTREAMLINED selection process

The combination of your products, product information and the situ platform make it easy for builders to showcase your product range.


Gain insightful analytics on product and home views, selections for homes and renovations.

analyse product engagement

Optimise a variety of engagement data to assist in driving you ranging and demand forecast decisions.

over-the-horizon data collection

The selection data collected via situ provides the earliest moment to forecast product life cycle information.

everything in-house

Enjoy a user-friendly dashboard for convenient overview or use the situ API to download and analyse engagement analytics.


"Situ will enable us to visualise every home design with all possible configurations where customers can style their homes using real products."
Jarrod Sanfilippo
Managing Director
“Situ Systems is offering a concept that is quite unlike anything on the market at the moment. We will also be gaining a lot of customer engagement time, as users enjoy designing their home in the platform for hours at a time."
Jim Segredos-Seima
Jim Segredos
Managing Director
Click Home
“Data insights to help drive decisions, entice buyers, determine key interests and aspects of buyers."
Aaron Savory-Click Home
Aaron Savory