Unlocking 3D
for the homebuilding industry

What is Situ?

The visualisation and communication platform for the building industry

Situ is building a digitised platform for the entire home building industry – virtualising every home, every product,
and every material within it into high quality 3D. 

  • Making high quality 3D accessible to everyone
  • Connecting all home builders, suppliers, services,
    and customers in one platform
  • Elevating customer experiences and streamlining processes

Who Benefits?

What's Now Possible?


Drive more value from home files and deliver exceptional customer experiences

  • Rapidly convert IFC to interactive 3D files and display all homes, in all configurations, at any time
  • Empower customers to self-select and visualise preferences,  improving lead generation, conversion and customer satisfaction
  • Equip customers with a digital twin of their home to view and update in their own time

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Empower customers to see any product in context of 3D home plans 

  • Showcase your entire product range in 3D when customers are in planning mode 
  • Enable customers to see every possible configuration and understand every benefit
  • Fast-track selection and purchasing process


Better reach and engage potential customers

  • Have one place to find homes, products, suppliers and tradespeople
  • Enjoy designing how your project will look on any device
  • Easily show and share exactly what you want

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