Reimagine Visualisation.

Interact with builders’ virtual home plans, with real products and home design ideas¬†– all in one platform, at your fingertips.

It's time to see.

Empower your customers to take the lead in making the best choices for their home or renovation.

See how Situ can work for your business:

From concept to clarity - fast.

Situ for Builders

Unlock the hidden value of your plans

Digitise and streamline processes within your business.

Reimagine Communication

Give home buyers the opportunity to create their ideal home, exploring all your base home plans, with every possible inclusion.

Create customisable 3D homes, easily

Easily transform existing home plan files or architectural drawings into interactive 3D scenes that buyers can walk through or customise.

Vivid graphics.
Endless variation.
Record breaking speed.

Create an engaging journey for your customers. Give your customers the power to pave their own path within the world of your home plans, product selections or design ideas.

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