Experience the Power of situFACADE featuring Brand & Product Integration

situFACADE Product Integration

Welcome to the future of the building industry! With situFACADE, you can create stunning façade renders in minutes while showcasing and identifying the actual products and brands used in building the home. Our ground-breaking technology offers numerous benefits for consumers, building product suppliers, and builders alike.

For Builders

· Cost savings: The automated visualization process lowers costs associated with creating 3D renderings, leading to higher profit margins.

· Time savings: situFACADE provides renders in minutes instead of days delivering your 3D requirements when you need it.

· Enhance customer experience with realistic visualizations of branded products.

· Faster decision-making: Providing clients with detailed visualizations helps them make decisions more quickly, reducing project costs and delays.

· Gain a competitive edge in the market by integrating branded materials. Clients appreciate the clarity and transparency of detailed and accurate visualizations with known brands and products gives builders an edge over competitors.

· Boost sales by making it easier for customers to upgrade to higher-quality products

· Assists in streamlining the lead generation and sales processes.

· Keep up with industry trends by incorporating the latest building products

· Reduced risk of disputes: By incorporating real brands and products into visualizations, builders minimize the risk of disputes over materials or finishes.

For Building Product Suppliers

· Increased brand exposure.

· Strengthen relationships with builders and customers.

· Showcase innovative product offerings in a realistic context.

· Promote brand trust and loyalty through product identification.

· Increases sales potential: The more builders showcase a supplier's products in visualizations, the greater the likelihood of increased sales and product adoption.

· Improved product education: Builders and consumers can learn more about a supplier's products and their benefits through detailed visualizations.

· Competitive advantage: Suppliers featured in situFACADE visualizations have a competitive edge over those that are not showcased in such an innovative platform.

· Permission based. Only builders you approve can display your brands and products.

· Effective product positioning: Suppliers can position their products effectively within the building industry by being associated with high-quality visualizations.

· Opportunity for cross-promotions: Suppliers can collaborate with builders on cross-promotional marketing campaigns, leveraging their presence in situFACADE.

· Increased brand loyalty: Builders who consistently use a supplier's products in situFACADE visualizations may develop a stronger sense of brand loyalty.

· Enable builder customers to introduce new products to the market extremely quickly as the processes of updating the 3D marketing materials are all automated. Place the new products in the situ Data Base and they are ready for the builders to regenerate their collateral.

For the Consumer

· Trust and confidence: Displaying well-known and reputable brands instils confidence in the quality of the builder and the construction.

· Make informed decisions about products and finishes.

· Personalize your dream space with ease.

· Feel secure knowing the brands and products your home is constructed with.

· Time savings: Consumers save time researching products and brands, as they are already integrated into situFACADE.

· Improved resale value: Using well-known and reputable brands may increase the home's resale value.

How It Works

Our state-of-the-art situFACADE software utilizes IFC files from ArchiCAD and Revit plans to generate high-quality 3D visualizations in just minutes. From your drawing office to your website, situFACADE makes it easy to showcase branded products in a wide range of customizable configurations while clearly identifying them for added confidence.

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Moving forward with situFACADE

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Embrace the future of 3D facade visualization with situFACADE and experience the incredible benefits it brings to the building industry. Say goodbye to laborious traditional methods and start enjoying the time and cost savings that come with our ground-breaking technology. Contact us today to get started on your journey with situFACADE

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