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Unprecedented Cost Savings and Stunning Visuals with situFACADE

Burbank Homes, a well-known home builder in Australia, has adopted our ground-breaking 3D facade production and rendering software solution, situFACADE for their latest O Series homes. The results have been astonishing - significant cost savings and substantially reduced go-to-market times.

What is situFACADE?

situFACADE is a cutting-edge 3D facade production and rendering software solution developed by situSYSTEMS. By leveraging IFC home files saved from both Revit and ArchiCAD, it efficiently integrates a selection of building products, textures, and finishes into the 3D model of a building. It then renders the model to the requested level, creating stunningly realistic visuals. Through the use of advanced procedural generation, situFACADE transforms the typically labour-intensive process of 3D scene production into an automated one.

Adopting situFACADE

Before adopting situFACADE, Burbank Homes would have spent hundreds of dollars per facade image, with their requirements amassing a total in the tens of thousands. Now, they achieve exceptional cost efficiency and impressive results with our innovative software solution.

This transition to situFACADE has enabled Burbank Homes to cut their go-to-market time by several weeks, a game-changing advantage in today's fast-paced market.

Moreover, the use of situFACADE has greatly improved communication and decision-making between Burbank Homes and homebuyers. Renders of home facades are incredibly effective at conveying the finished look of a home. With the help of situFACADE, Burbank Homes can now provide this superior level of customer service without the high cost traditionally associated with it.

We invite you to witness the stunning results of situFACADE in action by visiting Burbank Homes' O Series facades on their website:

Moving forward with situFACADE

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Embrace the future of 3D facade visualization with situFACADE and experience the incredible benefits it brings to the building industry. Say goodbye to laborious traditional methods and start enjoying the time and cost savings that come with our ground-breaking technology. Contact us today to get started on your journey with situFACADE

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