Procedural Polygons

Our Goal

One of the goals at Situ Systems is to add one million products from all of our partners' product ranges.

Whether those products are materials like floor tiles, furniture - like couches, or appliances such as a fridge or dishwasher. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is by creating products procedurally. By mimicking the real-world creation process for a product we can create all of the variations for a product line with code rather than an artist manually placing all of the vertices and setting the UVs.

[startrekking], verb
“to boldly go where no one has gone before"

Procedural Ninjas

Procedural polygons need a perfect mix of art and programming.

3D Modelling requirements
One of the most difficult parts of procedural generation of 3D products is that it requires a mix of both the advanced 3D modelling skills of an artist, and the procedural polygon creation of a programmer. 

Procedural Ninjas
While plenty of people have skills in art or programming, it takes a certain type of genius to be good at both. Thankfully a number of the developers at Situ are fluent in both and this has let us make some amazing procedural products for our partners. 

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Real world problem, 3D Solution 


The latest product we’re tackling is procedurally generating vanities for our partners that have a massive range of products between them. 

These vanities require a mix of procedural geometry placement, including UV's that allow any size components without warping the materials.

Custom built UI

We also have a custom built UI allowing our customers to build their entire range with a few button clicks. 

Procedurally generated materials

And for good measure, we also have procedurally generated materials allowing us to create super high quality, seamless textures of any wood, porcelain chrome or other material that is applied to a vanity. 

When all of these tools combine we get a vanity that is a digital twin of any real (or imagined) vanity our partners can create. Here is an example of a work in progress on this project: 

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