Virtual Real(i)ty

virtual reality 3D visualisation of homes, customised to buyer's choices.

Using 3D VR to showcase homes

situ, helping transform customer's lives

One of the most exciting parts of software development is building software that helps transform people’s lives. This has been true for decades, but is being taken to a new level with the advent of Virtual Reality. We can now let homeowners walk through their exact home, before a single brick has been laid. Which means they can make changes or see options in seconds rather than living with regret for years.

situ's automated software - from CAD to VR

Since the beginning of the latest wave of Virtual Reality, that started a few years ago, companies have seen the opportunity to show off houses to customers in a virtual environment. Where Situ Systems differs is with Warp, the technology that allows builders to convert all their floor plans directly into 3D representations which can be shown in panoramas on the web or now in Virtual Reality.

Unlike the way it’s been done in the past, we have a completely automated system that goes directly from CAD diagram to Virtual Reality scene inside the headset with absolutely no human interaction. Customers select the exact home they want with their facade, options, themes and products and we generate that home exactly as it will look when it’s complete. They can then put a pair of VR goggles on and step into their dream home as it will be while it’s still just a dream.

situ, bringing customer's dreams to life

The first version of our situVR product is now live with our first customer, Burbank Homes and they are taking their future homeowners through the experience and having great success. Their customers are able to walk through their exact home and make changes to options (e.g. bigger bedroom), colour themes and decisions about what products they want to see in their homes. Below is a video showcasing situ's technology, branded as HomeX:             

situ, a full suite of products for the complete picture

As you can see from the video, we have a full suite of products that allow customers to view their homes on the Burbank website, on an iPad in the showroom and then in VR once they’ve made their selections. While VR is only one small part of the puzzle, it’s one of the most exciting and fast moving pieces. Many homeowners are using VR for the first time when they try on the goggles and it’s a great feeling to develop the software that is their first experience of the future.

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